roasting still, yes. but i'm an old hand at that.

this time around i followed the advice of Food in Jars authoress Marisa and canned some tomatoes whole in their own juices. earlier this week i picked romas specifically for this purpose. (if i can say anything for myself, is that i have be wise in planning my endeavors and picking specific tomatoes accordingly.)

i had never canned whole tomatoes before and found it to be less intimidating than once believed. the 85 minute processing time is a little extreme but there is nothing that says you can't spend it watching a movie in the other room. the prep work was easy and i would be happy to do another batch next year.

also, during the week i made rigatoni with eggplant puree from the Smitten Kitchen blog and it was so delicious and easy that i decided to roast the majority of my eggplant with some of the tomatoes and make extra sauce to be frozen.

with freezing temperatures predicted for tonight and tomorrow we are nearing the end of the season. but i have to say, its amazing what one person can accomplish within a couple of weekends.

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