(un)manageable tasks

saturday night it froze. as promised i was at the farm sunday to harvest all the pumpkins. 'sure thing. no problem.' i said to sarah last week, and then thought to myself all weekend.

well, about three hours into it i realized—not a job for one person!
thankfully i was not one person for long. thankfully person #2 had a truck. so while we sliced up our hands on prickly stems, the dog worked off some energy barking at the pigs, chickens and cats.

at some point i decided to let the pigs out to roam—which in hindsight wasn't so bad but a 200# pig galloping towards you takes some getting used to (trust me, some very girlish screams took place.) the closest thing to a disaster was a pig trying to climb into my car. in the end, no one got hurt and everyone got back to their respective homes happily worn-out.

two lugs of tomatoes were awaiting my attention at home and i just couldn't do it. so i did the next best thing, sorting the remaining tomatoes into various piles: pristine ones for canning, imperfect ones for roasted sauce, unripe ones for ripening, and firm, ripe ones for immediate consumption and distribution.

hopefully my efforts will pay off tonight in some streamlined tomato activity.

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