bread update

this weekend i baked a yes-knead loaf from Rose Levy Bernabaum's Bread Bible.

again, it came out very flat. tasty but very very flat.

what is causing this? is it simply the frigid nature of my house?
or am i doing something wrong?

throughout the process all seemed well, except after each rise when i kneaded, everything got smaller again. i have yet to make a loaf in a bread pan that fills the pan as well as the cookbook predicts.

any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. My house is cold too, so I let my dough rise under a heat lamp. I use the lamp from when I brood my chickens, and I hang it far enough above the dough that it keeps it warm, but not so close it cooks it...I keep a moist towel over the bowl, to keep the surface from drying out, but the proofing lamp works well. You can find homemade proofing box ideas online, and a friend of mine boils a pan of water, then places in on the floor of the oven, puts the bread in the oven and closes the door. The heat from the water is released and held in the oven, to create a warm place for the dough to rise. But it does sound like, as long as the yeast is healthy, that you need a warmer spot for the rise.


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