Dark Days—Recaps!

i just completed my first (and only this year) turn at the recaps for the Dark Days Challenge.

in a word? —whew! i'll admit that last night i was a little overwhelmed as i was counting up the thirty or so odd posts that i needed to read, experience and appreciate, in verbal form. but here it is 11am on a tuesday, i started around 7pm monday night and i got a full night of sleep in. even better? it pulled me into the Challenge in a whole new way and got me reading some blogs that i had yet.

more than anything it made me supremely jealous of anyone still able to access a farmer's market this time of year. at the start of the challenge i thought i'd have an advantage with my small agrarian town, and i was extra proud of all the home-grown, home-canned food i had at my disposal.

right now, in the middle of winter, i wouldn't mind being able to hop out and pick up some locally grown kale or better yet, mache. and i would absolutely adore the opportunity to meadering through a bustling farmers market...even if we were all bundled up to our ears.

the only lesson i can take from this at this point is to grow more next year and enjoy it while it lasts. in the meantime, check out my work on the regional recaps for the East and the South.

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