Dark Days #10: Quiche with Carmelized Onions and (Oven) Dried Tomatoes

at the start of the (literal) dark days i was lazy and did not outfit my chickens with a light—boy, did i feel the pain.

after a couple of weeks where two eggs a day was a miracle, i gave in.
and was rewarded in abundance:

i'm collected approximately fourteen eggs a day

so for this week's Dark Days Challenge i thought i would make quiche. it is an old standby of mine, but the Dark Days Challenge threw me the new experience of making pie crust from scratch.

and...well, i cheated. after diligently reading Julia Child's pate frisee recipe i admited to myself that i just didn't have the attention span. so i pulled out my food processor cookbook and whipped up some pie dough in a matter of minutes. given that i also made bread, applesauce and one napkin this weekend...i think a shortcut to some pie dough is reasonable.

so sunday afternoon after a leisurely (and chilly) bicycle ride around town, i came home and rolled out my dough while the red onions we grew at the farm slowly carmelized in the pan. towards the end of their cooking i threw in some garlic grown over at milt's farm in milton-freewater and the tomatoes that i had grown and dried myself this summer.

the eggs were from my backyard and the milk once again from pure eire.

quiche is easily one of my favorite foods and i make it often enough that my recipe resembles an experiment each time. i will make sure to post my method soon, but for this evening i don't have enough energy.

given that i have six dozen or so eggs still awaiting my attention, i am sure that i will have many more chances to go into greater detail. for now, just know it was delicious.


  1. I'll check back to find out your quiche method. I have chickens giving me 24-30 eggs a day, so I'm looking for ways to use them...I'm even going to make a facial mask of 1 egg and a Tbs of honey. I read that the combo, left on for about 15 minutes leaves your skin feeling moisturized and tightened...I figure I have at least one egg to spare for that experiment! Great Egg Picture.

  2. Your eggs are beautiful and the quiche sounds delicious.

    Since you are using homegrown ingredients, would you like to enter this post in our Grow Your Own roundup this month? Full Details at



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