small town in the city

spending this week in new york.
i'll admit that i find it somewhat amusing that i am this very home/garden conscience girl that is now on my third visit to nyc. i may not be able to orient myself north but i know when subway stops look familiar and i know when i pass a restaurant i've been too. new york grows on me and everytime i come i envision how i might build the kind of life i love in this metropolis. i like what i imagine.

its amusing to hear my new york friends discuss making soup and minimizing their carbon footprint. two years ago when i was here that certainly wasn't on the plate. its heartening to hear about people wanting to cook for themselves.

today i wandered in a winterscaped highline park, a pale shadow of its spring self i am sure, but full of promise and still a unique look at the city. how often are you able to be above the hubbub, and surrounded by plants to boot? freshly made hazelnut hot chocolate, pastries, turkey gruyere sandwiches, americanos...small city treats were what i enjoyed today.

looking forward to a low-key, local-vibe visit to the city.
each time i come it gets better, starting to think i should live in chelsea.

if time allows, i'll come back (to the blog, before i return home).
otherwise, be sure that i will be kicking off my basement up-ending and seedling installing plan for the 2010 gardening season. a little late but still reasonable i am sure. this will be a big spring for me, its nice to have some concentrated urban-arts-people watching time before i end up elbows deep in dirt.

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