winter goal progress

in january i set out two small goals for myself: learn to bake bread and sew myself cloth napkins.

to my credit i made traction on both, but admittedly both are slow moving projects. i've churned out three unsuccessful loaves of bread and three-and-a-half napkins. the napkins have turned out more beautiful than the bread but require a considerable amount of concentration.

march is going to be a big month for me.
i've been slowing picking away at my basement and i am in the final stages of turning it into a useful space for me. this comes right in time for me to begin seeds early march. i'll also be setting up a light system to help me in my bread exploits as well, so that project will get some forward motion also.

so march, in march i resolve to:
  • complete my napkins
  • bake one loaf of bread successfully
  • start my garden seeds
sounds like a short list but i am a little overwhelmed. still, it will be an excellent feeling going into spring with these behind me. exciting new things are coming!

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