from the freezer...

we are coming up on march and i am realizing the state of my freezer.
and that state is: very very full.

my big push to store up for the winter has resulted in the following:
  • bags of rotting beets and carrots in the garbage
  • to boxes of potatoes going to seed
  • at least fifteen pumpkin and squash uneaten
  • several quarts of tomatoes unused
  • several bags of squash and eggplant
  • a gallon bag of green beans
  • three gallons of frozen berries, possibly more
so i've both failed to store things adequately and failed to eat them in a timely manner. i will admit that march does not yet make spring—but it feels pretty close. i think there is about to be a lot of tomatoes, squash and fruit coming into my life.

busy weekend in store, basement projects coming out of the woodwork left and right.

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