sunny weekend

after a lovely twelve hour sleep, i am sitting in the kitchen sipping on some Trout Cellars Sangiovese left over from the night before. its a good glass a wine and a shame to let it go to waste, right?

...and really, what is the difference between a mimosa and a glass of wine at breakfast?

this morning breakfast will feature from-scratch-pancakes and fresh herb omelets with chevre. i don't expect it to top yesterdays breakfast (pan-scalloped potatoes with fresh herbs and cheese, scrambled eggs and fresh-oj mimosas) but i'll at least be in the neighborhood.

the sun is out and there are the bluest of skies. if i am lucky, i can sneak downstairs to do some work before the house is awake and its time for breakfast to be served. i am eager to get my 'office' set up and to claim some space of my own in this chaotic house. its a shame it has to be so sunny when i want all my attention to be in the basement. however, the project is small and should go quickly.

bought lights for seed starting, should be getting that project going in the next week or so. exciting! spring is near! my heart made little joyful leaps each time i saw a green bud on a tree yesterday or a sunny crocus raising its pretty flowery face to the sky. this year winter has seemed short and yet i am still overjoyed by the first signs of spring.

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