the bread adventures: onward and upward

"success is so close i can almost taste it," she wrote as she buttered her first slice of homemade bread and delicately topped it with some marionberry jam.
that could be me—that is me. as of this morning, sitting here blogging and enjoying what i consider my first bread baking achievement. it has a crunchy/chewy crust, a nice dense crumb and is especially tasty with jam.

tuesday night, after a flurry of planting and cleaning i thought to myself 'why not?' and threw some flour, salt, yeast and water together and stuck it downstairs to rise under my newly improvised proofing space.

psst. its under the towel there.

i was making no-knead bread and it worked out in such a way that over lunch on wednesday was the perfect time to take it out, shape it and set it up for another couple hours of rising before baking after work.

isn't she beautiful?

things really went along without a hitch this time. i came home from work, transferred the dough into the oven that i had thoughtfully timed to warm up for me (who is this girl?!) and ran out to take care of a couple errands. when i returned the whole house smelled like freshly baking bread. yummmm.

a nice mid-week surprise.

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