seedling update: success!

tonight when i peeked in on my babies, i saw dozens of little green faces staring up at me expectantly.

of course...they need some friends. so i planted a mixed-tray of medicinal herbs, thyme, purslane, bunny tails grass, and lavender. when i peeked in this morning, another tray showed signs of life in the beets.

outside i have two beds forked over and raked, they are easy on the eyes in their fresh, springy, statement of expectation. tuesday night i planted two rows of peas, two rows of radishes, a row of parsnips, walla walla sweet onions, touchstone gold beets and purple haze carrots. its been a series of sunny, dry, cool mornings. i wouldn't mind a light rain to keep me from turning the hose on.

still a lot of work to go, but i'm feeling pretty good about my fledgling garden this year.

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