busy little baking bee

have had some excellent adventures in the kitchen as of late.

invigorated by the success of my bread, intrigued by homemade veggie burgers, and financially coming up short—i struck out on my own to make greek-style quinoa burgers ala martha stewart. although they were slightly less greek as we ditched the yogurt/cucumbers for the tomatoes, avacado and cheese that we had.

it was my first veggie burger effort but i thought it was pretty damn delicious—the homemade pita that i whipped up was the perfect compliment of function, texture and taste.

turns out pita bread isn't all that difficult to make from scratch. i was happy when i stumbled upon a post at Farmgirl Fare (my original blog obsession) that spelled it all out for me, thinking of the blog as a good friend, i knew that i could give it a go. if she can, i can! and it turns out i was right. the pita was delicious, i might be more likely to make pita in the future than bread—oh my.

i'm on a baking roll.

tonight i'll continue the trend with quiche and home made crust. in the past i've usually cheated with a store-bought crust, but this morning i just couldn't justify three dollars for something i could make at home for free. i think all this dough handling is making me more adventurous.

case in point: contemplating cinnamon rolls for this weekend. hm....
(later this week: seedling updates and cute animal photos—!)

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