Dark Days #18: fire-grilled fish with heirloom tomatoes

spring is here—the daffodils in my front yard tell me so, and you don't have to tell this girl twice. accordingly, i am spending as much time outside as the sun and life will allow.

the past few weekends i have spent the majority of at least one day sitting in my backyard, looking at the sky and watching the animals. this past weekend on one such day i had a dark days surprise fall into my lap, right over the fence.

we had a small fire going, and were sitting around it, still enjoying the fresh air, when my neighbor popped her head over the fence and asked if i liked fish. viola. fresh fish her sons caught, delivered right over the fence—!

intimidated at the thought of cleaning them i was glad when a friend was up to the task. we pulled out the cast iron pan, threw in some quartered tomatoes i had the the freezer from this past summer, some slices of onion from sarah's farm, added a dash of white wine and olive oil, and threw it on the fire.

we were enjoying some tasty, flaky, fresh fish right off the bone in a matter of minutes. and the realization that i'd just prepared my first dark days meal in weeks made me extra smug as i went to bed that night.

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