mental health day

today around 3am i decided i would take a mental health day today.
and boy am i glad that i did.

finished up the basement project as best it can be. the old basement paint is peeling, so i had to be sneaky with a paintbrush. but i don't know if i have it in my to do the rest of the walls. maybe when i'm bored?

set up some outdoor shelves with terracotta pots with herbs and annuals planted in them. its the most reasonable way to deal with annuals for me. i'll admit, i am a little biased on the annual front. (why?!)

herbs and annuals. i planted california poppies, lettuce and bird's eye wildflowers in front

then when that was suited to my liking i got down to the real business of the vegetable beds. chard, spinach and broccoli raab were my priorities but i also put in another planting of radishes, carrots and lettuce. all the beds that need turning are turned, just waiting for their new tenants (which by the way, are doing pretty fantastically in the basement.) i marked my rows (a first for me) and programmed the automatic sprinkler.

i smiled a little smile when i saw self-sown baby leeks sprouting up.
i'm finally feeling ready and able for the season.

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