spring chickens

poor chickens.
tasty, tender, young vegetables awaiting their demise and i keep them locked up in the coop instead. funny how a chicken and a garden seem to go hand in hand, yet it takes work to keep the two peacefully coexisting.

i've inherited some wheat and have been soaking it over night for them.
they seem to like it and it helps water them to boot. have been seriously considering adding gutters and a rain barrel by the chickens. would make watering oh-so-easy. would like to seed their yard and provide them fresh growing grass to eat, but i've been hoping that for years. maybe this year? maybe.

in the meantime, they are still providing me with delicious eggs.
case in point: asparagus quiche.
asparagus, red pepper, feta, chives and caramelized onion quiche.

this was the start of my thursday night. 
i rounded it out with cheap well drinks and a movie.

if only chickens liked movies...

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