picking up speed

this week has been a good one and a quick one.
thank goodness for small favors.

its surprising sometimes how the moods of those around you can temper your own. one small burst of energy can create a cascade effect. i have two days of busy bee behind me—tonight will be mellow—and i'll rally again on friday.

the peas are just beginning to poke through, there are radishes and beets and salad greens showing similar progress. the seedlings health is improving with my increased attention and the wheels have been set-in-motion for the front yard. looks like i may be able to achieve the majority of my landscaping desires for under a hundred dollars—which is impressive given my intentions.

this will be a weekend in the yard.
i've been working hard all week in the house so that i could focus my attention on the yard all weekend. the intermittent rain and sun are doing wonders for the grass and the lilacs. its nice to look out the window and see green again. it will be a real treat to look out and see a yard in repose, a yard for relaxing.

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