rain barrels—perfect project for a rainy april

my last minute prediction regarding the weather was spot on and i got almost nothing accomplished. additional, unexpected, changes were also to blame and a bought of over-indulgence to boot.

but i did complete one project: i made my first rain barrel.
well, i completed one i started last year.

need instructions? these are pretty decent. in addition to the steps listed here, i did use some clear kitchen/bath silicon sealant around each of the spigots for additional water tightness.

today i ran across this alternative method of rain catching at Instructables that is intriguing, but at my house i don't have a good location.

cost? somewhat ambiguous but the barrel was twenty-five, the spigots were probably under ten and the downspout items i bought (leaf catcher included) came to around six. total: aprrox. $40.

i have a second barrel that i'll outfit after the first proves its ability to do the job. given that it is raining as i type, perhaps i can spend next weekend finishing the other!

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