a wasted weekend mourned

its frustrating to sit at your desk on monday, look back at the weekend and know you wasted it. not consciously—not even in lieu of a good time. life simply got in the way. and now it is monday and i am staring down a long week of big projects and all i really wish is that my cucumber trellises were up, my rain barrel was perfected and i had a new composter set up.

if my brain doesn't melt in this cubicle prison of mine, perhaps i will be able to make some small victories through the week so that i can enjoy the upcoming weekend as planned (farmer's market maiden voyage!)

in the meantime, i'd like to pick your brain on a couple of items.

vertical growing. for those that have tried vertical growing, what plants have you especially succeeded with—and what methods? i have two teepee trellises for the cucumbers and have been considering a ladder type structure or hooped cattle fencing for melons. thoughts? i found this one but wasn't sure if chicken wire would be a good choice for melons.

and in tandem with that thought, cross-polination. if i have three kinds of cucumbers, six kinds of melons, six (or more) kinds of squash and two kinds of corn—how concerned should i be about cross pollination? and what should i do to prevent it? different beds? different parts of the yard? different sides of the house?

i am trying to change how i view and utilize the space in my yard, so these days the possibilities feel endless. just not sure how above and beyond i should push myself to go.

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