farmer's market: week four

we're on week four of my weekly market ventures and i thought i'd start posting about my weekly purchases.

at the end of last season i decided to strive to spend $20 each week at the market on the bulk of my groceries. i thought it would keep me eating fresh, local and seasonal—and help keep my grocery budget down. it was an idea that i followed through with moderate vigor. what i found was that you can buy a lot for $20 a week at the market, most weekends i made off with a bevy of veggies, flowers and a treat such as hummus, fresh bread or goat cheese.

i enjoyed it so much that this year i've decided that i want to make it a weekly endeavor.

this week i picked up:
  • spinach ($3)
  • asparagus ($2)
  • hummus ($5)
  • spring onions ($2)
  • broccoli raab ($2)
  • rhubarb ($2.25)
  • 1/2 french press coffee downtown: ($3.50)
total: $19.75—!
    it doesn't take much to create a well-rounded pantry of fresh vegetables.

    this form of grocery shopping has helped me focus on what i have at home, what i need to use up and how quickly i go through each item (for instance, i can snack on hummus for as long as three weeks but i love the green onions in everything, so they've been a weekly purchase.) with my own salad greens and radishes coming into their own, i decided to put that money towards other items this week.

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