harvesting: third week of may

today andrea at Heavy Petal posted the beginning of a new series: Now Harvesting.

i like the idea and i'm not going to steal it but i'll respond to it in the manner which blogs often work: by blogging it. it happily coincides with my first 'harvest' of any sort from the garden

so this week i have finally begun to harvest salad greens. the arugula is almost ready.

i've also pulled up two french breakfast radishes and dove in to my fresh chives, thyme, savory and rosemary. i predict next week will bring the addition of spinach!

right now is when i feel the pangs the hardest and regret my slow start the most. even still, i am enjoying fresh salad from the garden immensely. its hard to stay down with a fresh plate of homegrown veggies.

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