grow baby grow!

its nice to come home from a weekend away and find that everything has grown at least an inch.

i have recognizable arugula, spinach and heads of loose leaf lettuce now, the chamomile is about to bloom (tea!) the beets, carrots and parsnips have a decided presence. the tomatoes are perkier—green zebra and cherokee purple are already putting out flowers which is encouraging. tonight i plant peppers and eggplants and tomatillos.

portland was sunny and full of fun. the farmer's market was still void of fava beans so i'll have to hold out hope for our market here. sounds like the intensely frigid december did them no great benefit. but i did score some early season cucumbers, new potatoes and red cipollini onions—all of which i already have designs on.

glad for the break, glad to be home. what else can i say.
the next few weeks are going to be good ones.

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