its easy to get overwhelmed

today i read this at Sustainable Eats.

i was completely taken by surprise as this is a woman who i have been constantly amazed by what she can and has done. but the surprise only lasted a moment because who can really be surprised that someone might become worn out when making everything from scratch—not to mention fighting an uphill battle to do it.

i am fighting really no battles to do what i want and am only doing a fraction of what she has undertaken and frankly, i am overwhelmed all the time.

its never good to hear that someone is in a rough spot but it is comforting to know that even the ones that Do It All get tired. i am constantly wondering how people do it all and how i can't.

turns out its just a matter of perspective and persistence. maybe i should push myself a little more, i think i'd find out that i can be a little more successful and a little more happy.

for now i will take a short vacation to portland and leave my house and garden responsibilities behind me, so that i can rally and wreak havoc on my projects next week.

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