cure-all? the garden.

last thursday i feigned illness and stayed home to play in the garden.
it was a beautiful sunny spring day and i just had to get something in the ground.

beans and cucumbers were the lucky souls this time around. i have two tee-pee trellises up with lemon cucumber, japanese long cucumber and madori cucumber seedlings (the armenians died). around them i've done a loop of maxibel and soliel beans each—my two favorites from last year. i popped some nasturtiums and marigolds at the corners, chamomile in the center.

i have an entire bed that is self-seeded in chamomile. i once heard chamomile acts like a tonic to plants nearby so as i work on making room for my peppers, i've been relocating chamomile to various areas.

the new cucumber trellises

things are looking good. when i get back from portland i'll put in almost everything else—peppers and eggplants and melons during the week, corn and squash over the weekend. i'm going to run nasturtiums down the length of the berry beds for a nice pop of color and i think some squash will end up by the strawberries.

i am starting to know how awesome the garden is going to look, starting to feel it. looking forward to another warm sunny season with long days and endless amounts of fun.

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