i'm trying to be patient, but c'mon!

this spring will not end, wait, i mean begin. this spring will not end or begin.

according to accuweather.com it is 50 degrees outside. its may 5th. cinco de mayo.
we're supposed to be living it up with margaritas and pretending we are in mexico.

instead, we have a freeze warning in effect until thursday.

more than anything it is affecting my spirit and motivation. it hasn't felt like time to grow things and i have been slow and haphazard at seeding. my friends and blogs with their luscious looking spinach and radishes make me green with envy.

looking at the forecast it looks like night temps are above 50 starting next friday (the 14th) but dip back down until the following wednesday. i know that the heat will come but its hard to believe it.

i've spent the week re-organizing the kitchen and spending quality time with the dog. i think this weekend i think i will revamp my efforts in the yard—but that is always what i say. we'll see what i do.

trying not to let my spirits get quashed by the cold weather and struggling plants. at least it will give me the opportunity to try at peas one more time. and saturday looks to be good weather with lots of activity.

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