a weak constitution

i spent twelve dollars on a whim.
a chicken whim.

i am now the proud owner of five more baby chickens.
but this year i am doing it right and boarding them with a friend. last year all the chickens were raised at my house, it seems only appropriate to pass the mantle at some point.

i had initially chosen to not buy more chickens. but then this coming winter came to mind and the lack of eggs currently probably swayed my choices. if i recall, i think the chicken generations break down as such:

first year—two buffs (iphegenia and io)
second year—two arucanas, one barred rock, two bantys, two sex links, one iowa blue
third year—three wyanadottes, one speckled sussex, one maran, two arucanas

i expect that the two oldest and at least three of the second generation aren't laying much.
so yesterday i picked up two arucanas, two sex links and a rhode island red. three excellent layers and two fancy eggers. over the summer and into the winter i may look at finding some retirement homes for some of the older chickens, we'll see how things unfold once the longer days come along.

baby chicks are pretty damn cute.

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