smells like thanksgiving

a variety of impediments did their job and prevented me from canning.

but as a small triumph, i discovered that the Cinderella pumpkin from last year was still good. so i did successfully turn out ten+ cups of pumpkin puree, so pumpkin butter (and so much more) is in my near future.

more impressively, i successfully harvested my celery and parsnips—only a few hours before it began snowing. so i may not have beets to pickle and apples to sauce, but i do have parsnips to roast and celery to saute in butter and turn into some delicious cream of celery soup.

we have a snowy, cold week ahead of us and i'm glad to have a reason to hole up in a toasty kitchen.

(but believe you me, there are apples and pears in my future.)

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