all about meat

tuesday i ordered some meat from our local free-range, organic ...meat farm? with a 'first-time customer' discount of twenty dollars off a fifty dollar purchase, i thought, stock up!

no sooner is the meat in the freezer than i get an email about their 72-hour sale. so here i am on thursday with six more pounds of ground beef and two skirt steaks.

so far i've imagined "dark days" meatloaf, carbonara, stuffed pork chops with homemade applesauce and roast beef sandwiches. i think i should create a meal road-map, give me something to look forward to.

there is something nice about not eating a lot of meat. for under sixty dollars, i have probably procured enough meat to sustain me for the winter months. its always been a hope of mine to eat meat infrequently but of superb quality. i think this winter season will be a time to push myself to do just that.

i have definitely hit my 'store up for the winter' stride. need to pick up some oats on the way home and then call it quits for a few weeks. the shopping, not the cooking. that is just getting started.

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