dark days shopping list

okay. dark days challenge is underway and i need to get my rear in gear.
this will be my second year and i am looking forward to doing things a little differently. i'm excited to pick up local pasta from cugini's, make my own yogurt and find local grains. added bonus? cooking for one, i think i'll have a little more flexibility

i have a bushel of beets, butternut squash up to my ears, a consistent source of eggs and a variety of canned salsas, sauces and jams. today i started thinking about what else? and then all the best things came to mind: meat! cheese! pasta!

tonight i'll stop by the local co-op and look at their selection of bluebird grains. i'd like to have some whole grains for grain salads or pilafs, as well as some flour to make my own starter. i have an order at Thundering Hooves for a roast, ground beef, pork chops and bacon ends—it should last me awhile.

in other preparation-related news, i am working on connecting with Schreiber & Sons farm which is outside yakima. they typically have local lentils, chickpeas and dried beans which would be an awesome score.

as for cheese and milk. it looks like Organic Valley has three farms within 150 miles of Walla Walla, and i will wind my way out to the Monteillet Formagerie before the end of their season and snag a few treats.

mmm. all this talk makes me hungry.
get excited! i hope to cook my first meal tomorrow night!
can't wait to make the kitchen fill with the smells of roast.

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