present packaging

this is the second year i've done a homemade christmas.
this year i decided to use magazine clippings as jar toppers.
(and in some instances fabric scraps from my napkin endeavor.)

all my favorite scraps right here
i found it great fun. to play with the textures, colors and scenery cut down to a small scale. it added a bit of playfulness and in most instances the paper toppers would come off with the screw top. it was inexpensive and entertained me. truly, i do this for pleasure...

magazine clippings
using green cardstock and an every day printer, i made up simple labels.
i cut them out and tied them with rainbow twine i bought at the craft store.

this year on each label i tried to include ideas for the treat. a cheese it might taste good with, a style of meal—roasted meats, stir-fry. the concept came up while doing my white elephant gift and i think its a good one. i truly hope that people use what i gave them and it will make me sad to hear they did not.

like a mother hen i would almost rather they give them back.
but let's not digress into negativity.

i enjoyed how colorful my workstation became as i made progress.

and with most of it behind me, i can snuggle in and worry about tomorrow, tomorrow.

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  1. I love this. You've really inspired me to do something pretty with my canned goods. I've often gotten so obsessed with the preserving process that I overlook labeling and "prettying." Have a wonderful holiday season!


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