they're alive

yesteday i spent some time puttering with the plants. i'm not sure if it was smart or just neurotic—but i moved the seedlings around by size, which allowed me to put the lid back on one of the trays to help nurture the little guys some more.

it also provided an opportunity to take stock of what was doing well and what wasn't. to my pleasure, the tomatoes are all looking good. if i keep on top of it, this could be my first year to grow tomatoes from seed. (last year i massacred all of my little friends through neglect.)

the peppers were also looking good, and the rosa bianca eggplant. a handful of things died and did not come back, so in the restructuring i did a quick replant in hopes of more peppers and more herbs. for good measure, i planted another tray heavily with thyme, cabbage and lettuce.

so i have three trays going and in a few weeks i'll start my cucumbers, melons and zuchinni. this april has been unseasonably cold and with the rate that squash and melons grow, i think it would be tempting fate to try and plant them now. soon, soon.

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