i seem to be nothing but platitudes

while the progress on my front yard hasn't been what i had hoped for, in my avoidance of that dastardly task i have accomplished a great many other things.

  • needing to test my tiller skills, i tilled the side garden by the patio. while it was all fresh and new, i decided to plant an herb garden. sage, rosemary, thyme, dill, and some chives dug up from another part of the yard. sprinkled some red california poppies—if it all comes up it will be ah-mazing.
  • today i tilled in the middle front vegetable bed and planted the entire thing: sunflowers, (tendersweet, purple haze) carrots, chinese cabbage, (cylindrica, golden) beets, italian lettuce and fennel. i hope the weather rewards me.
other wonderful news in the gardensphere
  • the tomatoes and peppers have been successfully hardened off and i think i will plant them this weekend. the favas have done nearly nothing and i expect that they won't—so i think i will just till them in.
  • the arugula, radishes and mizuna are making some headway. (it only got warm just this weekend.)
  • the front window box is looking nice, ants killed my chinese cabbage and broccoli but the salad greens, purple cabbage and (california?) poppy seeds are all coming up lovely.
  • the melons, zukes, cukes and squash are all started. zinnias too!
will i successfully grow peas this year? (pretty iffy).

very very very excited for this season. this is going to be a good one.

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