nearing the end

the weather is thwarting my plans today. but only slightly.
i'll pick up the supplies and pick up (where i hoped to start) tomorrow.
we'll see how far i get. i'm usually too ambitious.

played with fluffy bunnies last night. i can just imagine me having some eventually. i think i am making up for being so unfairly animal deprived as a child. or being unable to have a farm right this minute.

i am looking into local CSA programs but they might be too much food and too much money for me. i will need to feel it out a little. they have a volunteer/discount set up that i inquired to today. it would be so lovely to be able to support local business, eat fresh, and learn a little. but only if i can afford it.

money makes the world go round, the world go round...

the chickens are producing 6 eggs a day.
i'm finally in the position to give them away freely.

yesterday i got one so large i think it might have two yolks....
i'm eager for the weekend. saturday i'll have some time to spend in the yard as well as some time to spend with the chickens. its gotten to the point where i can't identify all the eggs, and i'd like to be able to. so perhaps i will be able to refresh my memory tomorrow.

fall is here. winter close. its going to be a cold one.
soon my green thumb will go into hibernation.

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