chick(s) down!

this weekend we lost three chicks. one wynadotte and two sussexs.
the became lethargic. could barely stay awake. eventually it degrades into them being unable to open their eyes, hold up their heads, or control their little fluffy bodies (spasming).

from what i've been reading, it sounds like they had some sort of infection. on saturday i went through all the trouble to eye drop pedialyte with crushed garlic into their little mouths every thirty minutes or so. they died, so i don't know if it had any effect on their state.

the feed i bought this time around doesn't appear to be medicated and i wonder if that is why this happened. i've never had something like this happen before.

i put crushed garlic cloves in the water dish of the remaining chicks, after thoroughly sanitizing it. all the others appear to be continuing in good health. the chick room smells overwhelmingly garlicky.

the older chickens are outside now in the bunny hutch. when i am out in the yard i let them run around. the bounce around, flap their wings and challenge each other. its nice to be able to have them outside.

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