as i did last year, i am once again researching root cellars and cold storage for the winter.

the fact is that i do not have a root cellar, nor the space or wherewithal to create one outside. i need to come up with a workable system that can reside in my basement.

already from my reading i learned the errors of my way with my impromptu carrot cellar last year: no air flow and i left it outside during a particularly cold winter. i will not make that mistake again!

i've found these two articles rather enlightening:
this year i am starting off the fall season with a good number of carrots and beets in the fridge, several winter squash and potatoes, with more of each to come.

the carrots, beets, and few radishes and turnips have been doing well in plastic bags in the vegetable drawers of my additional fridge, so i think i will continue that trend. however, if i want to put more away (which i am seriously considering) i may make something outside of the fridge space.

i will get a crate set up for the potatoes and the winter squash can live in a basket or on a table in the basement.

depending on the load of apples and pears i pick up in portland (Portland Nursery apple tasting event is in a couple of weekends) they will either live in the fridge in brown paper bags, or i will pick up some luggs and store them alongside the potatoes and squash.

i'm taking a mid-week day off tomorrow to focus on harvesting the last of the summer's bounty—nothing like the threat of a frost to set one into motion. the next few days will be dedicated to preparation for the fall: canning, freezing, drying, saucing—and finding space for everything.

one big last hurrah before dark days (speaking of which...) set in and my energy is devoted to staying off of the couch.

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