Dark Days #4: Baked eggs and polenta

i love simple, delicious, dishes.

monday night i made up some polenta in the oven. 1 c. polenta (Bob's Red Mill, sourced from Pendleton), 1 qt. water and a dash of salt in a casserole pan and baked it for an hour at 350. after an hour, i stirred in a tablespoon of homemade butter and cooked a little longer. (i pulled the idea from this nytimes article.)

voila! polenta.

tonight i dressed it up a little for the full meal effect.

a scoop of polenta, a dollop of (homemade) tomato jam and carmelized onion jam each—and topped with a backyard fresh egg. 20 minutes in a 400 degree oven and >boom< dinner.

the tomato jam added that extra note that kept this from feeling dull and the onion jam added a nice richness. bacon would be a good addition, as would cheese. but i didn't have local options on hand and i have to say this was quite tasty as it was.

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