forward and back

i am a few days into january and i haven't done a lick of what i said i will do. but i am not letting that drag me down, its been a crazy couple of weeks: people moving in and out, and just some good old time off for play.

now we are settling in with new housemates, new chaos, new spaces.
(the seed catalogs are arriving but i am just not ready yet to attack the garden.)

there is a lot of work to be done.
but that aside i have some upcoming goals.
  • vanilla extract
  • infused vodka
  • bacon bourbon
  • preserved lemons
  • kimchee (started it last night!)
  • spiced beer jelly
  • infused vinegar
i am excited about these and i know they are within my abilities.

in november i slowly started building a momentum that is carrying me into the new year. first week of january i am happy to be able to look back and see my list full of crossed off items: my first napkin project completed, yogurt successfully made, a homemade christmas, a full larder and a lot of yoga behind me.

here's to the first season of 2011.

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  1. ooh, i'm dying to make my own kimchi, too! also, a list of goals that starts with "bacon bourbon" is definitely one I can get behind!


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